Tyro - can there ever be a decent disruptor?

We are a fast growing organisation. So the introspections come in waves – from time to time and rightly so – when we reassert ourselves on who we are and what we are standing for. We are Tyros, but what does it mean?

In Medieval Latin, the Tyro is the young soldier, who joins the Romain Legion, a beginner in learning. In our world, Tyro is the Hero who challenges the establishment, innovative, principled, daring to right the ‘wrongs’. We have taken on the herculean task of building the nextgen bank that will bring fair and transparent banking to small-to-medium and growth businesses, the ones who are the engines of innovation and growth, the ones who create the jobs, products and services for our prosperity in the digital century.

But let’s get real. Disrupting such a powerful oligopoly as the Australian retail banks is not for the fainthearted. It is rough. There will be blood, sweat and tears. Hiring and firing, working around the clock, a so called high performance culture.

Or is there an alternative? The Tyro way? Can decent people working decent hours decently disrupt an industry. Quite unheard of. Or do you associate the most successful disruptors of today with decency? Yes, I see them deliver innovation and learning, maybe openness and transparency, but certainly not a flexible, caring and balanced work culture, fairness and respect. Rather if you can‘t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

The unique value system of Tyro is the one of the decent disruptor. We like the challenge of disrupting the world as we know it with an organisation centered around decency, internally with a culture of decency and externally with a decent offer.

The proof will be in whether we can actually revolutionise banking, deliver fair and transparent banking solutions that help Australia’s SMEs grow and succeed without compromising our Tyro culture.

Look at a page from our induction package for new team members. That is our aspiration.

We are the anti-bank, the anti-sweat shop, the anti – “what can I get away with”. We want to compete while maintaining a work-life balance and trust in the ingenuity of our team – working ‘smarter not harder’. We want to share the wealth creation and take everyone along on a financial journey. Most importantly, we want to make a difference to the world we live in.