Non-Executive Director, Tyro, australia


CEO, Tyro, Australia 

  • Invested into a start-up company incorporated 3 February 2003 by a group of technology people with a world class track record in switching and protocol conversion in the IBM, Cisco and Internet world.
  • The company developed an open financial transaction switching and settling architecture that allows it as a member of the leading schemes like MasterCard and Visa and as a bank licensee of the Australian Prudential Authority to offer innovative and affordable payment solutions to Australian merchants and volume billers.
  • Took on the challenge of developing the company into a significant player in the Australian financial services industry.
  • Tyro launched Australia's first hub dedicated to fostering fintech innovation.



Constructed ALITHIA, an award winning 40m High Performance Racer-Cruiser and sailed around the planet, visiting the most remote islands with his family.



Shadow Minister of Economy and Technology, germany

As the first entrepreneur to become Shadow Federal Minister of Economy and Technology, I contributed significantly to the landslide victory of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.


Chairman and CEO, create.it services, germany

Developed a children learning centre concept to complement academic education and to help children develop social skills. At the same time, Jost led the way for new entrepreneurs in Germany, significantly contributing to the growth of the start-up community.



chairman, GE Capital, Information Technology Solutions, europe

  • Jost successfully led the integration of the German network integrator, CompuNet, into the worldwide GE organisation while consolidating the Control Data organisation in the United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Greece and Portugal. During this time, he also led new acquisitions of IT services providers in the United Kingdom, France and Austria.



Founder, Chairman and CEO, compunet, germany

  • Created a multi billion dollar system and network integrator serving the German corporate Fortune 500 market with PC and work station based IT solutions.
  • Implemented a unique entrepreneurial corporate structure and multi-levered financing system allowing the company to double sales every year.
  • Built an acclaimed brand, achieved recognition as the first most outstanding success story of the then called New Economy and became the public face of the German entrepreneur movement.



consultant, Boston Consulting Group, usa          

  • Worked on a multitude of acquisition and marketing cases.
  • Implemented a PC based marketing tool for the group.